French toast


Breakfast can be one of my favourite meals. It would be my favourite meal if most of the time it didn’t involve bleary eyes, a rushed bowl of muesli swiftly followed by nasty traffic and full day at the office. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about!

For me the ultimate breakfast takes time. It’s relaxed, it lingers and it allows you to contemplate the fullness of the day ahead. And it definitely doesn’t include soggy cereal.

French toast is one of those dishes that’s perfect for the weekends. It’s quick, cheap and easy to do meaning there’s no inconvenience or sweating over spitting eggs and bacon, yet it’s indulgent and special enough to give you that feeling of being on a mini-break, allowing you to soak up the delicious feeling of not needing to be anywhere.

Having moved into a Jewish area of Melbourne, I have recently discovered challah which is the bread eaten on the Sabbath and holidays. It is a very light-textured bread, pale yellow in colour from the eggs used to make it and very similar to brioche. So if you are unable to find challah then brioche would be the sensible substitute. Challah makes excellent French toast because it is light and fluffy, slightly sweet but equally delicious on its own. It is able to take up a lot of egg so you end up with French toast that is rich tasting but still light to eat.

4 2 cm-thick slices of challah
2 large eggs
dash of vanilla extract
tbsp butter
maple syrup to serve

Serves 2

1. Whisk the eggs thoroughly with the vanilla and pour them in a shallow dish or container.

2. Place the slices of bread in the egg mixture, turning them over and making sure they are completely covered and have soaked up the egg.

3. Heat a non-stick frypan on a medium heat and add the butter. Wait until the butter is foaming before adding the eggy bread.

4. Cook on each side for 2 mins or until golden. Serve immediately with maple syrup.



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